Tax Free Retirement

Tax Free Retirement IRS 7702(a)

IRS 7702(a) Private Plan is a retirement savings plan- The only plan it will allow to avoid taxes on earnings and leave to heirs TAX FREE, are those designed to conform to IRS code 7702(a). This plan has several benefits:

  • Tax Deferred Accumulation

  • No Income Taxes on Earnings

  • Good/ “Stock Market” like Returns

  • Protection of principal and earnings from stock market loss, guaranteed

  • Liquidity

  • Flexible contributions

  • No Limit on contributions

  • Goes to Heirs free of any Deferred Taxes

  • Funding completion guaranteed for Spouse

  • Penalty Free access under age 591/2

  • No distribution required at 70 ½

  • No Loan repayment required

  • Includes Life Insurance

While this is a very good Tax Deferred and Tax Free savings vehicle, it is very important you deal with someone who understands the mechanics and the moving parts of the plan design. This savings vehicle has low, flat administrative fees if structured correctly.